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You don’t just want a “nice-looking” website. You want more signups & more sales.

That’s why at Kantan we put product messaging & conversion optimization at the heart of our process. Because if you’re going to invest in a website … what it says should be as irresistible to your customer as how it looks.

Our conversion optimization packages are perfect for ...

Small Businesses
Tech Startups
Digital Agencies
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How We Help You Grow Online

Our rigorous, content-first optimization process breaks down into 3 simple, “mix ‘n match” steps. You might decide you need help with just one phase, or with all 3 — it’s up to you.

Not sure which is right for you? Contact us for a free 30-minute Skype session to figure out the most efficient, effective way to tackle your project.

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Reveal Your Key Message

You’ve got a great product … you just need to convey that greatness to the world. Using an arsenal of powerful, proven customer research tactics, we help you:

  • Identify who your real customer is … and what they care about
  • Pinpoint which of your product’s features & benefits matter most to them
  • Build a compelling story around your product that matches their mindset exactly

Our in-depth Messaging Strategy Reports have been described by previous clients as “100 pages of pure gold.” Get ready to see your customers and product in a whole new light.

Reveal My Key Message

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Optimize Your Sales Page (Including the Copy)

Nothing kills a promising product launch like last-minute, jargon-filled copy or a head-scratching page design. We ferret out the pesky roadblocks that prevent your prospects from buying, then smooth them over with sales copy specifically designed to amp the desirability of your offer (not to mention get visitors excited).

Bring us on board to optimize your:

  • Long-form sales pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • In-app copy for SaaS products
  • Content overhauls for large-scale redesigns

Don’t let shoddy, in-house copy or a rush-job page design rob you of the sales your product could earn.

Optimize My Sales Page

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Test Your Sales Funnel

Now comes the fun part: testing! A/B split tests, multivariate tests, analytics — the whole testing aspect of conversion rate optimization can seem daunting. We get your tests running smoothly and accurately, so you get fresh insights into your market and — most importantly — a winning page that brings in more sales.

We’ll happily help you:

  • Run your tests to pinpoint a winning page variant
  • Generate promising new hypotheses to test in the future
  • Implement & manage a test-driven workflow over the long-term

Too many businesses get seduced by the promise of conversion-rate optimization, and then fail to follow through with the only thing that makes it work: rigorous, repeated testing. Learn to love it (with a little help from us).

Test My Sales Funnel

Meet the Kantan Team

Momoko Price headshot
Momoko Price
CRO Copywriter & Interaction Designer

Momoko is an experienced content strategist & conversion copywriter who kept sketching user flows & wireframes as part of her “writing” work. Now a full-fledged interaction designer with killer CRO copywriting chops, she brings a powerful one-two punch to every client project.

  • Previous clients: Intuit, Scotiabank, AT&T, Base CRM.
  • Loves: Cats, popsicles, runner’s highs, comedy podcasts.
  • Hates: Air shows, typos, running out of coffee.
John McDowall headshot
John McDowall
Ruby & JavaScript Developer

Enthusiastic coder & creator of Ember.Zone blog, John is a gruff-yet-friendly Scotsman with a knack for translating tech jargon into simple concepts. Clients rely on him to develop exactly what they need in a clean, robust, extensible and economical way — with zero gold plating.

  • Previous clients: Layervault, 500px, Passionfruit Ads.
  • Loves: Photography, tiny houses, playing the guitar, Ember.js.
  • Hates: Bureaucracy, seafood, banks.
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