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I'm not the best at tooting my own horn, so I'm grateful for all the business owners, marketers, copywriters & designers who are generous enough to do it for me. Read on to hear what I've done for others ... and what we can do for you!

—Momoko, co-founder of Kantan

"We enlisted Momoko's services to help us boost conversions for one of our key PPC sales funnels and she did not disappoint!

The funnel was a tough one, as we already had multiple agencies (including two specialized CRO agencies) try to optimize it and they weren't able to generate any lift. Momoko's very first go at it got us a win in testing :) Not only did her page bring in significantly more sales than the control, it increased the proportion of higher-ticket item sales as well. Needless to say, her method is bulletproof! We're very happy we've been able to partner with Momoko and will continue to do so!"

Antonia Bogatu

Conversion Optimization Manager at

"We all absolutely love what Momoko did for us. Everyone was totally blown away with her work (and this is a team with a HIGH bar!) - the content, the layout, the flow, the story, the voice, the infographic, the 'I wanted to keep reading it' factor, her mad design skills. Momoko is one very talented human! So, so glad our paths have crossed :)"

Tracy Simpson

Manager at Precision Nutrition (now CFP & Executive Coach)

"We brought Momoko on board based on her expertise and strengths as an optimiser, copywriter, and trainer—but we had not realised just *how much* of an expert she truly is. Over the course of 5 joint sessions and a month’s work she completely won the Hotjar content team over with the depth of her ideas and her openness to feedback. We are in a much better position now as a result of our collaboration—really fantastic work."

Dr. Fio Dossetto

Content Lead at (now at

"Momoko is an amazing teacher. Not only is she a true practitioner and really knows her stuff, she can also teach. Students reviewed her 10/10"

Peep Laja

Founder of & CXL Institute

"If I could hire one copywriter on the whole planet, it would be Momoko. She simply gets it - all of it, from branding and voice to design and research. And, more than that, she's a really, really good writer."

Joanna Wiebe

The Original Conversion Copywriter & creator of

"Momoko's Data-Driven Product Messaging & Sales Copy course is worth 10 times what she charges for it. I just completed the lesson on funnel mapping, and my mind is blown. She makes data collection and analysis not only more accessible, but more useful for marketing and sales. Every marketer should get these insights before spending a dime on copy or design! It's giving my copy and content more depth -- but most importantly, it's making my copy and content more effective. I've actually asked my own data analyst to go through the funnel mapping lesson with me to expand her skill set further so we can use this process with our clients."

Jessica Mehring

Conversion Content Writer, Horizon Peak Consulting

"Couldn’t have asked for a better person to collaborate with on a client project.
If you’re looking for a data and research-driven copywriter that writes for results, Momoko should be your first choice!"

Talia Wolf

Conversion Optimization Consultant, Trainer & Speaker,

"Momoko’s approach to copy & conversion optimization went WAY beyond our expectations! Not only did she adjust our project goals to bring in more valuable, immediate payoffs for our unique startup, she stripped down & simplified our IA, analyzed & reworked our product positioning to stand out against our competitors, and armed us with messaging guidelines we can use as a solid foundation for our entire brand. Not only this, she also knows her way around analytics AND makes killer design & layout recommendations. I couldn’t be happier with what’s she’s done for our team, and am stoked to keep working with her and Kantan moving forward."

Danielle Lewis

CEO at

"We usually have a number of split-test experiments going on at any moment, each requiring customized copy for the user flows. Where Momoko really demonstrated her value was not only in copy, but also in UX. I relied on her to help map out the user flows, keep track of all the different pathways a customer could go through, and maintain/modify all copy assets. This was no easy task. She is one of the most detailed-oriented people I've ever worked with. ... What makes her unique is her willingness to work with the developers/marketers/designers/PMs, really anyone. And she's able to put herself in the shoes of the customer and think from his/her perspective. Her follow-through is excellent and she tests, tests, tests, to make sure things are just right."

Kabir Daya

Product Manager at (now Venture GM & CPO at BCG Digital Ventures)

"Thank you so much for your Conversion Funnel [Audit]! I have to say, everyone in my team (my boss and my boss’s boss ) are very impressed with it! We can’t wait to try out on our site, and I have to say: it is a real eye opener for us. It's definitely a good thing to have a fresh mind working on our website! Also, thanks for being such a great pleasure to work with and for going above and beyond for this project!"

Evy Kartawinata

Marketing Manager at eHealth Insurance

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