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To conquer real conversion problems, you need more than an "expert" opinion.

Plenty of designers & copywriters out there offer website tear-downs, reviews, and audits, but at the end of the day, 99% of them amount to little more than paying for someone else's opinion about your page content & design.

Kantan Conversion Funnel Audits are different (and dare we say ... better?) because we refuse to give advice that isn't backed up by rigorous data analysis.

We understand that every funnel — and every audience — is different.

That's why we dig deep into your funnel analytics first, document exactly what's going on under the hood, and only then arm you with detailed recommendations & test treatments customized to target your funnel's unique traffic & visitor behaviour patterns.

“So, how exactly do these audits work?”

Kantan Funnel Audits follow a fast, clear, no-b.s. process to deliver an immediately actionable breakdown of how to improve your conversion funnel’s performance in just a few short weeks. Here’s exactly what’s included in your 25+ page Audit Report ...

  • An illustrated, step-by-step map of the visitor's journey through the funnel, from initial acquisition (ad, email, social post, or SERP) to post-conversion
  • Clear calculations of how your funnel is performing at every stage — from top-of-funnel micro-conversions to end-of-funnel business-critical KPIs
  • A prioritized breakdown of the most damaging bottlenecks occurring along the funnel
  • A detailed analysis of likely causes for these bottlenecks, including messaging, design, and/or code performance issues
  • A set of at least 3 split-test experiments designed to target the top 3 biggest bottlenecks in your funnel — including copy, wireframes and, if need be, page-flow diagrams to show your designer(s) & developers exactly where & how these recommendations should be implemented.
  • And finally: a 1-on-1, post-mortem workshop over Skype in which we’ll discuss the report’s findings, clarify any questions you might have, and help you tackle next steps with your design & development team.

Struggling to find compelling value propositions & product messages, too?

No surprise there ... Lifeless, confusing product messaging is notoriously effective at killing sales ... which is precisely why we also offer in-depth Product Messaging Research as an additional service to our Funnel Audits.

Our Product Messaging Research Package includes the collection & analysis of extensive voice-of-customer feedback from your target market to uncover exactly what your customers need to hear to convert, happily and with confidence.

While you sit back and focus on other pressing business priorities, we take care of ...

  • Deploying & analyzing messaging-focused surveys to both your site visitors & previous customers
  • Deploying & analyzing messaging-focused user tests that target your funnel’s exact demographic (or, if you have a very niche market: one-on-one phone interviews with previous customers)
  • Deploying & analyzing hundreds of visitor recordings (across the top 5 browsers)
  • Analyzing up to 100 responses from any relevant surveys you’ve recently deployed (i.e. within the last 3 months)
  • Breaking down the most compelling product messages and value propositions for your audience, distilled from voice-of customer research above
  • Incorporating these messages into your test treatment copy & designs
More about Product Messaging Research →

"Sounds great — How do I get started?"

Getting your own Funnel Audit is easy: Once you've booked a spot on our calendar, you simply send us access to your heatmap, analytics, and mailing-list tools ... and we take care of the rest.

Within a few weeks, you'll receive your full audit, packed with delightfully surprising insights about your customers, high-impact, low-effort "quick-wins" for your website, and carefully designed, data-supported treatment pages, ready for split-testing.

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  3. You Get Your Audit!

    Your 25+ page report is delivered to your inbox, chock-full of revealing data discoveries and test-ready recommendations.

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"A Real Eye-Opener!"

Thank you so much for your Conversion Funnel & Copy Report! I have to say, everyone in my team (my boss and my boss’s boss ) are very impressed with it! ... It is a real eye opener for us. It's definitely a good thing to have a fresh mind working on our website!

"A Special Talent ..."

Momoko is one of those special talents that blends data with dazzling communications skills. She helped us really understand what is important for our customers and develop a process to connect with them more efficiently.

"Fantastic Help!"

Momoko was a fantastic help in guiding our organization ... I can't thank her enough for her dedication and the energy she left us with. We have implemented her concepts and strategies into our own process. Highly recommended!