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A More Complete Test-Prioritization Framework for BIG-ASS Websites (Ecommerce & SaaS)

By Momoko Price

TL;DR: Wish you had a better way to manage a constantly-snowballing list of proposed website changes & tests?

Grab a copy to my new test prioritization framework for full customer lifecycles (make a copy to edit it) and watch the video for the complete breakdown of how use it at your company.


Today's topic isn't necessarily something that anyone has specifically requested I teach today, but it IS something that I've come across more often as I've worked with larger & larger companies ...

... Specifically: What's the best way to prioritize CRO test ideas?

With a fairly early-stage business, prioritizing tests is usually pretty straightforward,because you're only really dealing with one core funnel:

You've got ads that drive users to your product pages, which then drive them to a checkout flow and payment form.

It's not that crazy.

The only thing you need to do to prioritize tests for this type of website is figure out:

a) where your largest drop-offs are, and

b) which drop-offs are closest to the point when a transaction of value (either a purchase or a lead submission) is completed.

But what if you manage a complex, B2B SaaS product with a sprawling online presence and multi-week sales cycle?

What if you and a host of other company managers are juggling multiple funnels and customer experiences that catering to multiple audiences, including lead-gen campaigns and in-app dashboards and trial flows and on and on and on?

When your website gets this complex, it gets REALLY hard to pinpoint what's the most beneficial thing to actually test at any given time.

It ALSO gets all too easy to just put your head down and keep running new tests on the same area over and over again, because figuring out what else should be tackled is too overwhelming it's just easy to stay completely blind to OTHER critical areas of the website that aren't being monitored.

Worst of all, when you've got communication silos between product teams, marketing teams, and business teams, you can get completely sidetracked every month just trying to unsnarl interdepartmental in-fighting about testing priorities because people have completely different perspectives of what "needs" to be fixed or improved "right now."

Unfortunately, most high-level testing prioritization frameworks out there don't really address ANY of these issues.

Recently I had to really sit down and figure out a better way to tackle this so that my client's multiple teams could easily and quickly home in on what should be be tested first in an objective way that wouldn't get sidetracked by conflicting inter-departmental biases.

And suddenly it hit me:

What if — instead of using a standard framework that focuses on guesstimating the future outcomes of a given test in a given funnel — I created a more diagnostic framework, one that triaged and prioritized what should be done based on how immediately damaging NOT resolving is to the short-term and long-term health of the business?

What if, instead of looking at a company's online presence like a bunch of disjointed funnels, I assessed it like an organism, with the health of that organism being critically dependent on the volume of paying customers — and by extension, the money — flowing into it?

Once you start looking at your company's website and online presence like a living entity — one that's made up of many interdependent systems, but ultimately thrives off the unblocked, balanced flow of paying customers & money — it becomes VERY clear, objectively, that some areas of said presence are critically important (you might even say VITAL), while others are more supportive, and still others are more akin to long-term health habits (e.g. they're not immediately necessary or urgent, but their benefits become very apparent after several months of consistent investment. Kind of like eating healthy or exercising regularly or quitting smoking.)

Curious as to how this test framework works in practice?

You really need to see it to get it, but you're in luck, because I recorded a full breakdown for you. Watch the full video tutorial to see how it all comes together. Then grab a copy of my template and try using it yourself!


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