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Derek Sivers' 3-min reality check

By Momoko Price

My boyfriend John has a full-on addiction to "entreporn" — podcasts, videos, e-books, actual books; you name it. Luckily for me, he also has a zero tolerance for b.s. and really good taste. His ravenous brain essentially functions as an incredible Internet content filter for me. It’s awesome (he’s awesome, too).

Startup management gems

Through John I’ve been introduced to such startup management gems as Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin's Build and Analyze podcast (we listen it to while nerding out with our laptops on his living-room floor), Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup (my current go-to-resource on how to structure the fun, flexible business of my dreams) and Dave McClure’s classic Startup Metrics for Pirates (for the sake of your startup, read this — or something as good as this — before you invest time/money into web marketing. Otherwise you're just throwing that time/money down the drain).

Derek Sivers, startup straight-shooter

My hands-down favourite so far has been Derek Sivers, mainly because he prioritizes the same lifestyle, business and customer service values I do. No one puts entrepreneurial ambition into perspective quite like Sivers.

This is a classic video from Sivers's Uncommon Sense series. It's the best 3-minute slap in the face I have ever seen. (Don’t worry, it’s a gentle slap. You’ll like it!)

The whole Uncommon Sense video series is worth watching whenever you need motivation, guidance or just light entertainment. Derek Sivers is the man.

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