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A tough-love test for web content

By Momoko Price

D Bnonn Tennant recently wrote a fantastic blog post called Why Don’t Most Web Designers Know Anything About Business? that I just had to share.

Why don't most web designers know anything about business?

According to Tennant, every web page you create should have 1 (one!) central, revenue-generating (or at the very least supporting) objective in mind, or the page shouldn't even exist. In other words, each page on your website should play a clear, unique role in helping a new visitor make a decision about whether to engage further with you and your business.

If this role isn't 100% clear to a website visitor within about 5 seconds of them landing on the page — ie:, if they can't figure out a) where they are b) what they're supposed to do there and c) why they should bother doing it — the web content & design of that page is failing. (Talk about a tough-love assessment, no?)

Haven't read Tennant's article yet? Seriously, check it out. It may change your whole perspective on page layout, web content planning, and the importance of oh-so-critical calls-to-action.

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