“Um, WTF is ‘data-driven’ copy?”

Every sales, marketing & product design book on the planet gives the same advice: “Listen to the customer.” And yet, when it comes to product messaging & web copy, 99% of businesses (and creative agencies they hire!) fail to do so.

‘Data-driven copy’ is my antidote to this all-too-common blind spot.

Unlike opinion-driven creatives, I leverage intelligent survey design & natural language processing (NLP) to quickly home in on specific, unbiased messaging & testable copy, extracted directly from what your customers think, want, and feel.

“Listen to the customer and the results will follow.”


Everyones KNOWS listening to the customer is the key to growth and long-term success. But when it comes to devising product messaging and website copy, most companies don't.

... Why is this?

Why do so many businesses resist bringing the customer into the creative process when —according to every great product development & marketing methodology out there— it's the NUMBER-ONE thing a business needs to do to succeed?

Simple ...

... Because raw customer feedback is DIRTY AF.

Customer feedback some of the messiest, noisiest, most disorganized data we get our hands on.

It builds up in folders and spreadsheets like mountains of unfolded laundry: meandering interviews, minutia-riddled user tests, snarky survey responses, and bot-polluted online reviews.

Turning customer feedback into something actually useful and actionable is (usually) a hard, slow, confusing ordeal.

And ambitious companies want their projects to be (or at least feel) easy, fast, and clean.

So, instead of unsnarling reams of messy customer feedback, we glance over at what our competitor is doing and try that.

Or, we brainstorm 50+ ideas by committee (in excruciating 3-hour+ meetings) and try that.

Or, we hire OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive creative agencies to come up with ... something ... and try that.

Sadly, most VOC methods are just too damn slow.

Listening to the customer has always been laborious, because conventional voice-of-customer (VOC) methods are just so old-school and manual.

You can either get noise-filled, anecdotal feedback from an insignificantly small sample (via time-consuming 1:1 methods like interviews, user tests, and sales demos) ...

... Or you can collect a pile of borderline-useless generalities from a massive sample (via oversimplified surveys & polls).

For companies with large customer bases, neither of these methods produce what's actually needed to position a product properly, namely:

1) The specific messages that have been empirically shown to be the most relevant/important to your audience;

2) The specific phrasing
that will convey those messages to your audience as clearly and effectively as as possible.

For years I wrote copy using these old school methods, manually poring over survey responses, interviews & user tests, line by line. And while I did get great results, I still felt like the process was too biased, too anecdotal, and too &*%$*% time-consuming.

Because let’s be real:

Even if poring over VOC data line-by-line does generate better results, nobody — and I mean NOBODY — wants to sit around reading interview transcripts and categorizing hundreds or thousands of survey responses.

(Ahem, especially me.)

So I figured out a faster way using the power of ... machines.

... erm, machine learning, that is.

Introducing ...‘message-mining’
without the manual work!

Here's how Kantan's machine learning-boosted approach to "message mining" works: 

Rather than sift through a pile of messy, chaotic open-text survey responses one at a time, we use text-mining methods to read and group them according to similarity first, instantly identifying and quantifying the exact messaging themes that are the most dominant for your audience.

In record time — without having to manually tag a single line of text — we're able to extract clear, unbiased insight on the specific messages matter most to your audience, along with the exact phrasing and words you should be using in your sales funnel copy & ads because they actually match how your real-life customers and prospects think.

Voila: "data-driven" copy. Test-ready copy extracted from an exhaustive amount of message-mining ... minus the exhausting part of the process!

Want us to analyze YOUR messy survey data?

You're in luck: We're currently doing beta testing this"survey analysis as a service," and am temporarily accepting data sets for analysis for FREE. You can submit survey data anytime and I will email you back to you with a delivery date within 1-2 days.

Want a data-driven messaging audit of your site?

Click here to request one. Please note I only accept a limited number of client projects per year and my lead time can be long. The earlier you apply, the better.

“Wait ... so who are you again?”

I'm Momoko, the data-loving copywriter & CRO consultant behind Kantan Designs. People usually find out about me through my best-selling value proposition & sales page copywriting course, which continues to be one of the CXL Institute's highest-rated online programs.

Since 2011, I've consulted and written copy for countless industry-leading SaaS & e-commerce companies, including Hotjar, Precision Nutrition, MetaLab, eHealth, and AT&T.  

When I'm not boosting conversion rates for my clients & students, I can be found making human pretzels at my local BJJ gym on Vancouver Island. (Or recovering from yet another injury.)